Rebecca McKinney

of Shiny Penny Studio

Hello! I am pleased to introduce myself as the personality behind Shiny Penny Studio. After years of work, this freelance studio is my little dream that could, becoming not only my creative outlet but my day job as well. 

A childhood love of books led me to study creative writing and art in hopes of writing and illustrating my own books. However, the magic of children’s book illustrations captured my imagination and hasn't let go. Illustration became my true passion, with an emphasis on the cute or clever - the quirkier the better. I find I am most inspired when given a challenge to create something specific and unique. My style is fanciful and whimsical with a pinch of modern. 

When not drawing or designing you can find me spending time with my husband and our pup, honing my baking skills and enjoying coffee, or taking a walk around the park hoping it will count as a workout.